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Nonnegotiable Qualities of a Successful Leader

Samuel (Sam) Vincent Calabrese

If you want to develop an outstanding team to assist in achieving a vision and reaching goals, you need to understand that it is not about you. Assembling a team that has talents that complement yours and those of each individual member is critical to your success.

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On Your Mark, Go!

Nicole J. Clark

Take every opportunity you have been given as an opportunity to learn and grow. Be a Rockstar!

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Practice the Leadership Skills You Have Learned

Rita K. Jew

Be an inspired and innovative leader with integrity and compassion. Be on a continuous journey of learning, practicing, experimenting, and reflecting in order to perfect your leadership skills.

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Quality First Leads to Quantity

Lindsey B. (Poppe) Amerine

What you become involved with may not end up looking exactly like what you had planned, but being willing to put yourself out there and apply for a position opens the door for endless opportunities.

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Say “Yes” to the Opportunities

Andrew J. Donnelly

To move down your leadership path, take advantage of opportunities, take the lead on projects, learn from the leaders you work for, seek leadership positions in pharmacy organizations, determine your work–life integration, and give back to the profession.

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Self-Motivation Is Important, but Encouragement of Others Is Vital

John A. Armitstead

John is an accomplished healthcare leader with an outstanding list of contributions to advancing patient care and the pharmacy profession. He is also committed to the education, training, and professional development of others. Thus, he has trained more than 200 pharmacy residents and precepted more than 100 PharmD students. Today, continuous learning and education continue to be his passions.John shares his approach to team development through implementation and execution of one’s continuous development plan.

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Success in Leadership Is Worth the Investment

Jennifer M. Schultz

Successful leadership is all about your people. Invest in learning to successfully manage people, which is the most challenging skill to master, and you will have the most talented professionals wanting to be on your team.

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Tie Yourself to a Purpose

Ryan Erlewine

The one constant in leadership is you. You must find what is gratifying, what keeps you going day in and day out, and what keeps you leading yourself and others. Ask yourself: What drives me every day? Why do I do this work of leadership? How can I focus on the positives of the work I do?

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When One Door Closes, Others Open

Sara J. White

Don’t be afraid to close one door because others will open. Have the courage to walk through some of them.

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You Are Good Enough, so Go and Be Great

Kimberly M. Boler

My greatest takeaway from the PLA is that being an effective leader is not about power or pride but instead about presenting with an attitude to serve others. A key piece of advice that I share with technicians interested in stepping into a lead role is if you are not willing to work on yourself, take a good hard look at whether leadership is the direction for you.