My Cancer Experience Taught Me to Put Patients First

in Letters to a Young Pharmacist
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Because of his close call with cancer, Bob is very focused on living in the moment, being a better family person, and putting patients first. He shares a patient’s perspective on enduring chemotherapy. He is also very dedicated and passionate about continuing The Ohio State Pharmacy Leadership Training Legacy and is the Director of the Latiolais Leadership Program in the College of Pharmacy. For several years, he has authored and coordinated the monthly Director’s Forum column in Hospital Pharmacy, which is designed to guide pharmacy leaders in establishing patient-centered services in hospitals and health systems. Bob brings several decades of leadership experience in two academic medical centers both in the service side and the colleges of pharmacy having begun practice as a critical care clinical pharmacist who maintains his board certification.

Bob received his bachelor of science, master of science, and doctor of pharmacy degrees from The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy. He completed a residency at Grant Hospital. Bob is a professor of pharmacy and Director of Ohio State’s MS in Hospital Pharmacy Administration and Leadership.

Bob gives this great advice: Please do not let hardships in your life change your course; establish the right course, and you will find out that hardships will be easier.