Find Your Passion and Pursue It with a Sense of Urgency

in Letters to a Young Pharmacist
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In getting to know Ron, you will find him very principled and willing to be candid about his opinions. Ron epitomizes being his own person. He is one of the first people to justify and achieve being a Chief Pharmacy Officer and thus positioned himself at the senior administrative table. Since retiring, he has become a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) to pursue his passion for leadership development by creating and utilizing centers of knowledge and excellence in healthcare processes. Ron focuses on improving healthcare leadership performance by helping individuals to develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills, and behaviors.

He serves as a primary faculty for the Pharmacy Leadership Academy’s Leading for System Reliability in Safety and Quality Course. Although for most of his career he did not venture far from his North Carolina roots, he traveled to Asia and South America as a speaker and educator in his role as a consultant with Joint Commission International and Joint Commission Resources.

Ron’s bachelor of science in pharmacy and master of science in business administration degrees are from the University of North Carolina. He advises that in his experience, all great success stories have one thing in common: people with passion and a sense of urgency to succeed.