Do Not Ask More of Your Staff Than You Are Willing to Give

in Letters to a Young Pharmacist
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In talking with Paul, you might be struck by his communication style. His Harvey A.K. Whitney address, “An Iconoclastic Perspective on Progress in Pharmacy Practice,” is evidence of his straight-forward style. Paul is a consummate leader who is willing to fight for what is in the best interests of not only his staff, but his patients. He is willing to challenge the status quo no matter what the personal cost. He continues to be a dedicated mentor to numerous students, residents, and young practitioners by sharing his philosophy and experiences. Paul has given unselfishly of his time to an array of professional organizations and has also served as ASHP President.

Prior to retiring, Paul was Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Practice, at McKesson Medication Management. He had previously served as Director of Pharmacy at Rush-Presbyterian-Saint Luke’s Medical Center, Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, and the University of Connecticut Health Center. Paul died in 2020.

He received his bachelor of science in pharmacy from the University of Rhode Island and completed a residency and master’s degree at the University of Michigan.

He indicates in his letter: Do not agonize over work/personal life conflicts, as trying to compartmentalize your professional life and personal life can be a futile experience for a truly dedicated professional.