Follow Your Heart, Seize Opportunities, and Realize There Are Always Trade-Offs

in Letters to a Young Pharmacist
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Kathi is an example of a woman who “has it all.” She is a dedicated pharmacist and has still found the time and energy to be very active in Boy Scout leadership, even after her son completed scouting. Kathi has always consciously prioritized her family equally with her career, as her letter describes. Before the advent of the concept of transitions of care, Kathi worked collaboratively with nurses, physicians, social workers, and administrators as the bone marrow transplant clinical pharmacist who took care of both the ambulatory and inpatient stays. She is also an example of a clinical practitioner who moved into formal leadership positions but maintained her BCOP certification and indeed did choose to return to clinical practice.

She completed her bachelor of science in pharmacy at Auburn University and her master’s degree in public health at San Jose State University. Kathi is currently the Pharmacy Compliance Coordinator at Stanford Healthcare.

She gives this superb advice: Follow your heart, seize every opportunity, and know that there will always be trade-offs.