Those who know Sandra know her as a staunch advocate for the pharmacy profession and a healthcare provider who has dedicated her career to addressing the needs of patients in underserved communities. Early in her career, Sandra served as Medical Director and Clinical Pharmacist at El Rio Community Health Center, a community health center providing accessible and affordable healthcare for underserved populations in Tucson, Arizona. This experience prepared her to later lead an organization that provides medication therapy management services to at-risk Medicare Part D beneficiaries, where she focused on reducing hospitalizations, lowering healthcare costs, and improving outcomes in patients with chronic conditions. Sandra’s immediate past position was Vice President of Collaborative Innovation and Clinical Strategy with Aetna, a CVS Health Company; she was the first pharmacist to hold this position in Medical Affairs. Her current role is Vice President, Pharmacy Practice Innovation and Advocacy with CVS Health.

So passionate is Sandra about being a voice of change and creating a dialogue for others who cannot speak for themselves that the theme of her address when she was installed as the 166th President of the American Pharmacists Association was “Be the voice.” Sandra advises readers to identify what their mission is and create the career that aligns with that.