Don’t Fret about Career and Personal Life Balance—There Is No Such Thing

in Letters to a Young Pharmacist
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As you meet Joyce it is immediately obvious she is a gregarious extrovert who has a great sense of humor, and with little prompting she will tell you a joke, many on herself. It is thus easy to imagine her early experience as a bus tour guide telling jokes to keep her charges engaged. Joyce has a serious side as she is an expert and proficient drug information specialist. She put together all the Black Box warnings and published them thus alerting and enabling practitioners to protect patients. Joyce brings a number of years of experience in conducting drug information centers and teaching as a pharmacy faculty while raising a family.

Joyce holds a bachelor of science in pharmacy from the University of Connecticut, School of Pharmacy and a master of science degree from The University of Kansas, School of Pharmacy. She completed residencies at the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals and Kansas University Medical Center. Joyce is currently Director, Synthesized Referential Content, Facts and Comparisons and Professor Emeritus, Kansas University School of Pharmacy.

In her letter, she gives the following advice: Saying goodbye to “perfect” and hello to “it’s done” and learning the difference between the two is a key to being comfortable with the decisions you make on how to spend your time.