Living with Imposter Syndrome and Knowing That You Belong in the Room

in Letters to a Young Pharmacist
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Don spent his career striving to not only make himself the best leader he could be, but to make all those around him the best that they could be. He is a leader that considers mentoring and developing others a personal responsibility. He also places a high value on building and sustaining relationships and developing high performing teams.

Don received his pharmacy degree from Ohio Northern University and has extensive experience in the profession serving in various executive leadership roles. Until recently, Don served as President of ElixirPharmacies, a division of Rite-Aid, serving patients with chronic illnesses through mail and specialty pharmacy services. Previously he served in various leadership roles in the long-term care pharmacy industry.

In his letter, Don addresses the difficult subject of imposter syndrome. He shares his personal journey of understanding thoughts of doubt and arriving at the realization that, yes, he belonged in the room with other very accomplished individuals.